Signs By Rhonda

I used to paint and personalize gifts for family birthdays. When an opportunity opened up for me in 2012 for me to get a little crafty I jumped at the chance. My husband brought me home a wood pallet and I started making signs. Since then, I have honed my skills and now do craft shows, farmers markets and beer fests in my area, I opened my Etsy shop in 2012 and have my signs stocked in several local boutiques. I love creating and learning new techniques to add new designs to my inventory. Like other small businesses, I took a big hit in 2020 with the pandemic. With most craft shows and large art fairs shutting down for the year, (or two) I had to adjust and reevaluate my role as small business owner. I had worked as a school bus driver full time as well as my signs full time to make a living. With the summer shows dwindling down, in July 2021 I decided to take a step back from my signs business a bit and make more as a part time business or hobby:) I hope you enjoy your sign from me. I do put my heart into every single one!

I hand paint and stencil each and every sign...MOST signs DO go out in 14 to 21 days... Unless I already have it in stock! Check out my Etsy shop and my instagram page for most recent pictures of signs I sell. 

I paint signs on wood!! yes there are slight imperfections on each piece, this is to be expected and I believe it adds Character and and makes each sign very unique. Every sign I make is different. There are not 2 exactly the same. I am a human not a machine:)
I do not make any attempt to cover up any of these imperfections, but rather embrace them as originals!

Any sign can be done in just about any color. Contrasting colors do work best to really make the lettering stand out.

Welcome to my !